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Something about “electric brake” function in MQCON( Sabvoton) bldc motor controller

Posted on 2015-07-15
When the e-scooter enters the brake status, it will suffer a electric braking force in the meanwhile with the electric brake function is enabled previously.This function in Sabvoton bldc motor controller can be customized as per customer's special requirement. The feel of the braking varies to different brake current which is preset in our software. The higher the “electric brake ph current” is ,the quicker it will slow down the speed. But it may occur danger if braking is too fast. Besides,the feel of braking is not the same on different types of e-scooter even though the setup of electric brake ph current is same.


Anyway ,we could draw an conclusion,the electric brake ph current should be set up according to what kind of e-scooter it is.


Currently,Sabvoton bldc motor controller develop another mode to adjust the electric brake current.That is when the scooter is under brake status,user could real-time adjust the braking force by the means of the special throttle. Via twist some part of throttle to different position,the braking force offered by Sabvoton bldc motor controller can be variable during the driving time.
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