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Ebike LCD Meter

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The lcd meter provide the display information as following:


◇Trip time display ( a single trip time (TM) and total trip time (TTM))
◇Trip speed display (displays of real-time speed (Km/H or MPH) and a single maximum speed (MXS) and a single average speed (AVS));
◇Trip distance display ( displays of a single trip distance (Trip) and total trip distance (ODO));
◇PAS or handlebar gear (PAS) switch;
◇Assistant push(WALK) function;
◇ Cruise function ;
◇ Battery capacity indicator display;
◇ Real-time battery voltage (VOL)display;
◇ Total consumption of electricity in a single operation(Ah) display;
◇ Electricity consumption per kilometer (Ah/Km)display;
◇ Total charge (REGEN) display;
◇ Motor running power(W) or current(A) display;
◇ Brake display ;
◇ Backlighting and lights;
◇ Motor temperature display;
◇ Time and mileage data clearing
◇ Fault code display;


the lcd meter can set the parameter as following:

P1Rate voltage
P2Speed limit
P3Handbar gear enable
P4PAS sensitivity
P5PAS type
P6PAS output initial value
P7PAS strength
P8External hall set
P9Bus current limit setting
P10Under-voltage setting
P11Cruise enable
P12ABS intensity
P13Wheel diameter
P14Motor pole pair* differential ratio
P15Motor temperature limit value
P16Motor temperature protection value
P17Restore to factory settings
P18Metric - Imperial setting
P19Power-on password
P20Current /power display selection
P21Data source setting
P22Drive mode
P23Zero start selection

More details can be found in the "MQCON Ebike lcd meter user manual-en".
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